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Infant Feeding

We'll address any difficulties you + baby are experiencing (e.g., tongue thrust, choking, extensive feeds, etc.). ​I'll assess your baby's oral structures and feeding, whether it's breast or bottle. I'll observe the full body and discuss how it connects to feeding. I'll provide referrals if needed. We'll review in-home exercises.

Pediatric Speech + Language

We'll discuss all speech and language concerns. Complete informal and/or standardized assessments. Go over previous evaluation results and recommendations if available. Review strengths and needs. Together we'll create meaningful and developmentally appropriate goals.

Pediatric Feeding

I'll assess your child's (age: 6 months and up) oral motor structure and skills. Observe the full body and discuss how it connects to feeding. We'll talk about how to implement age appropriate solids. We'll partner up to create goals. I'll provide in-home exercises which will be essential for your child's progress.

Parent Support + Education

We'll talk about promoting milestones and enhancing routines. We'll discuss concerns, review emotional aspects and lifestyle (i.e. sleep, breathing, oral habits). I'll identify if a referral is needed.

My goal is to support and guide you with evidence based strategies on how to minimize any stress caused from communication and/or feeding difficulties. According to research, children with less expressive language have more frustrations and meltdowns. I'd love to help relieve some of that stress for families. 

Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTs)

Discuss TOTs signs + symptoms (e.g., painful latch, choking, clicking sounds, lip blisters, tongue thrust, etc.). I'll assess oral structures and function. If a release is an option or recommended, we'll prepare oral structures and collaborate with other providers to ensure readiness. After the release we'll continue with exercises and stretches as needed. 

Baby + Me Classes

Fun classes designed for mommy and child (6-18 months). We’ll practice early communication and social skills in a group setting. Then the littles will play while the mommas connect. Classes are one-hour long, designed with age appropriate activities, and filled with support and education.

Offering in-home, in-office, and virtual services.

I am an out-of-network provider and do not accept insurance at this time. A superbill may be provided upon


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